Thursday, November 8, 2018

How to make Tesla coil at home

What is Tesla coil 

How to make it at home with a household thing?

Today we show that how to make Tesla coil at home by this video. In this video, we show all the process of making this project and how to work this. and all essential thing and problem-solving things are given hear. and all component list is also given hear.

How to make Tesla coil process

The component requires making Tesla coil

For making this device we need something which is shown here and all detail about that component are given also.

  • 9V Battery

    • Here we use 9v battery if you don't have 9v battery than you can use 9v adopter with very low current from 300mA to 500mA If you use high current power supply than increase the chance to burn Transistor which is used to build this device which is 2N2222.

  • 2N2222 (NPN Transistor)
    • Here we use 2N2222 NPN Transistor for oscillate high frequency. During on Condition of this Device, it may be heated more than average but no issue.
    • In this project, we prefer Silicon transistor for making this device.

  • The primary coil (3 Turn) (RED Wire)
    • For making primary coil we use any wire which is used in our home wiring which is 3 turn coil.

  • Secondary Winding (200 turns) (Brown wire)
    • Here we use insulated copper wire for making this secondary coil.
    • Motor winding wire is best for making this coil.
    • 26 gauge wire I use for making this device.
    • Uncover end of the wire for soldering.

  • Resistance (20k to 22k)
    • Here we use 2 10kΩ resistance for making this project because I don't have 22kΩ resistance but you can use any resistance between a range of 20kΩ to 22kΩ ohm resistance.
    • Here what of resistance is 1/4 watt.

  • On/Off Switch

    • You can use any on-off switch for on-off this device.

  • Case

    • In this video, we use plastic case but you can use any case for put this device.


If this Device not working properly then you have to check this point
  1. Make sure all connection are proper as shown in the video.
  2. Check battery level it should be more than 8.5v.
  3. Switch stay in on a state.
  4. Interchange Terminal of the primary coil.
  5. Still not Working Comment us to discuss the problem.
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  1. All connection proper redistance 2.2 ohm transistor 2N2222A but cfl not blow why

    1. Sir it is not working...please help me !!!! Sir please its important for me

  2. Sorry dear but use resistance of 22k onm

    Not 2.2 ohm.

    And try

  3. Can I use 26 gauge aluminium wire as secondary winding wire

    1. No, because i think you don't get insulated aluminium wire.

  4. Plz help me i have tried 2 times but no results...


    watch this video for problem


How to make Tesla coil at home

What is Tesla coil   and  How to make it at home with a household thing? Today we show that how to make Tesla coil at home by th...